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VanGoghle is all about making the exciting world of art, antiques and design more accessible to you! Collecting art is easier than you might think: we have done the hard work by sourcing the best items within all price ranges from dealers around the globe, so you can buy with confidence.

Get inspired by browsing the collections presented by our galleries. We offer you the know-how of the art world by sharing the stories and trivia that surround artworks, artists and galleries. Discovered something that matches your unique taste?

Then buy directly from our galleries. Arrange payment and shipping with them directly and know they can help you with all kinds of practical matters. So no need to worry about getting that massive cabinet upstairs!

Congratulations! You have acquired a unique object which you can enjoy for years to come. And if you ever get bored know that its value is not lost…it might have even increased over the years.

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VanGoghle is your go-to partner in art, antiques and design. By not only focussing on the objects themselves, but also on the stories that go with them, we aim to make the art market more accessible to first time buyers as well as exsisting collectors.

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