At Masterly - The Dutch in Milano Dutch designers, artisan producers and design agencies present themselves in the centre of Milan.

At the fascinating Palazzo Francesco Turati the Dutch pavilion arises with the best design and artisan craftsmanship the Netherlands has to offer. Excellent Dutch design, fashion and photography has soul and its own identity. The pavilion functions as a close unity with two distinguished pillars.

In the historic spaces of the Palazzo, historic and contemporary design melt into a breath taking exhibition with the signature of the presentations at Paleis Oranienbaum and Paleis Het Loo. Historic paintings function as the common thread. Work by individual designers is presented here coherently.

One of the designers invited to exhibit at the Dutch Pavilion is Sven Hulsbergen Henning, Dutch designer and owner of Henningmade. He uses styles from different eras in ways they are complementary to one-another. Growing up surrounded by antiques and artwork from the 15th century up to 1950's, he was intrigued by how distinct aesthetic qualities of figurative and abstract styles influence heart and mind and how they could fuse into contemporary design. 

VanGoghle met Henningmade at the During Tefaf event in Maastricht at which he presented his wonderful Le Reflet table and The Regina cabinet.

If you happen to be in Milan make sure to visit Palazzo Francesco Turati. Otherwise, have a look at Henningmade's ingenious designs!

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