Piao Ji You

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The story

Piao Ji You (1966)

Pia Ji You (born 1966 in Jilin, China) graduated from the Tianjin Academy/Sculpture & Painting in 1993. His first free sculpture won him the Silver Award at the Third China Sports Art Exhibition in that year, and his works were than displayed in Lausanne, Switzerland at the International Olympic Museum.

Since then Piao Ji You’s sculptures have featured in many national exhibitions in China, and he has won a number of major prizes.

Piao Ji You took part in the ‘Ateliers Ouverts’ in Shanghai in 2010, which brought foreign collectors into contact with his bronze sculptures. These are works which stand out because of the defined and elegant poses which the sculptor gives to his naked female figures. They are often made of bronze combined with original Chinese woodcarving, which lends his sculptures even greater distinctiveness and uniqueness.

Piao Ji You was introduced to Europe by Galerie Kunstbroeders. His work has been exhibited at Realisme Amsterdam, among other places.

Edition 8

By Galerie Kunstbroeders
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All art: Sculptures
Artist: Piao Ji You (1966)
Medium: Bronze
Place of origin: China
Period: Early 21st Century
Movement & Style: Contemporary
Condition: Excellent

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