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Art Deco Champagne Cooler

EUR 1,500.00


Height:   32 cm
Width:   22 cm
All Silver, gold, metalware:   Silver
Artist:   F.W. Quist
Place of Origin:   Germany
Style:   Art Deco
Period:   Ca. 1920
Period:   Mid 20th Century
Material:   Silver brass
Condition:   Good

Article no: 121

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The story

This impressive Art Deco Champagne Cooler from F.W. Quist has its origins in the 20th century. Art Deco was a very popular style between 1920 and 1930. The essence of the design had to be modern. They found inspiration in modern art (cubism), but also in the ancient and distant cultures of Egypt and India, and in modern machinery and aircraft design. 
Art Deco Champagne Cooler by F.W. Quist, Metall Where Fabrik, Esslingen, circa 1920-1925. 

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