Angel’s Fantasy, Wu Jia Hui

By Galerie Kunstbroeders


All art: Sculptures
Condition: Excellent
Movement & Style: Contemporary
Medium: Bronze
Artist: Wu Jia Hui

Contact info

Galerie Kunstbroeders

Weverssingel 22
3811 GK Amersfoort
The Netherlands


The story

Wu Jia Hui is a young Chinese artist whose creative focus revolves around the various stages of development within her own life. Wu Jia Hui leads a simple, cheerful and proactive life, like so many of her peers in China. The character of ‘the little girl’ who reappears in many of Wu Jia Hui’s sculptures is a reflection of herself and her own life. “That’s roughly what I looked like when I was little,” she says. “Round face, tight lips, big eyes."

Wu Jia Hui studied art at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. She currently works and lives in Beijing and has exhibited inside and outside China (e.g. Korea and Japan), including at the Asian Art Top Show 2010.

Edition of 10.