Wandreliëf W3, Joost Baljeu

By Madelon Eekels Kunsthandel
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All art: Mixed Media
Height: 29.00 cm
Length: 29.00 cm
Width: 10.00 cm
Movement & Style: Abstract
Medium: Oil on wood
Creation year: 1958
Artist: Joost Baljeu

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The story

Joost Baljeu is the main representative and leader of the post-war Art Concret in the Netherlands.
In the early 1950's Baljeu developed a keen interest in abstraction and he maintained contact with international Avantgarde.
The development of Joost Baljeu attests to logic and is truly authentic. His oeuvre is a clear illustration of one of the main ideas expressed in the art of the twentieth century, since the origins of abstraction. The same trend can be found in Mondrian and Malevich, their students and their successors. They proclaimed that painting gave way to the synthesis of the arts.
Baljeu has spent much of his life working towards this aim of combining painting, sculpture and architecture until he managed to produce his first truly synthetic structures from 1957 onwards: wall reliefs. Baljeu had achieved his ultimate dream!
The work shown here is a good example of this synthesis.

Signed and dated 1958 on the reverse