Limber Gems - Mouna Gem Copenhagen
Pleunie Buyink

By Sophie Maree Gallery
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All art:   Sculptures
Medium:   Design
Period:   Early 21st Century
Movement & Style:   Contemporary
Height:   variabel
Length:   variabel
Condition:   Excellent

Article no: 378

The gallery

Sophie Maree Gallery

Hellingweg 96 d
2583 WH The Hague
The Netherlands


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The story

Pleunie Buyink studied Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven and Fashion Design at Artemis Rotterdam. Her love for fashion, interior design and materials is always visible in her work. The artist frequently researches the possibility to create new materials and combining of different techniques.

In addition to the smaller works that mostly function as interior jewelry, Buyink recently started to make larger works. In both the smaller and monumental works, Buyink aspires to capture the essence of layers. Each object is layered in a number of ways, not only in the material of the work, but also layering of the colors and the way the object interacts. Once the light touches the limber gems the interplay between the rugged crinkly background, the ruff edges and the warm colors really starts. Limber gems are behaving as chameleons playing with incoming light, reflection and color in every interior. With Limber Gem, the artist creates artworks that also function as elegant interior jewelry. The works are behaving as chameleons playing with incoming light, reflection and colour in every interior.

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