Woodland - Lost
Justine Tjallinks

By Sophie Maree Gallery
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All art:   Photography
Medium:   Photograph
Technique:   Baryta print
Place of origin:   The Netherlands
Date:   2014
Period:   Early 21st Century
Movement & Style:   Fine Art Photography
Height:   50 cm
Length:   70 cm
Condition:   Excellent

Article no: 375

The gallery

Sophie Maree Gallery

Hellingweg 96 d
2583 WH The Hague
The Netherlands

W: www.sophie-maree.com

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The story

Influenced by Tim Walker, Erwin Olaf, Vivianne Sassen, Kasia Bielska and Jill Greenberg, the artist plays with light without trying to imitate styles, cultivating her own language. Justine puts her subjects in strange positions, forming dream-like images of unlimited duration.  She bases her work on a sentence of Baudelaire in L’Art Romantique,  ‘The beautiful is always strange’.
Her work is a combination of a lot of photographic influences.  Fine arts, contemporary art, fashion and beauty accessories are all stakeholders. Justine Tjallinks almost always functions in a conceptual manner to add a supplementary signifigance to her photographs.

Loneliness and isolation are conditions that a human being has difficulty of coping with. It is even proven that it can seriously shorten your life expectancy. We all want to be part of something, to belong. The Wolf is one of the strongest advocates for belonging. They roam the Woods in packs where they live, feed and travel as a family. Very rarely will you encounter a lone wolf, but even they are only alone until they found the perfect mate. Woodland is the visual metaphor for how we move through this vast world alone, finding and losing loved ones as we go.  The series explores different stages from being alone and lost, to forming that bond with somebody.

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