Digitalis Ambigua i.a, Laurence Aëgerter

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All art: Photography
Height: 110 cm
Width: 89 cm
Condition: Excellent
Medium: Ultrachrome print
Creation year: 2015
Artist: Laurence Aëgerter

Contact info

Seelevel Gallery

Bethanienstraat 39
1012 BZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands


The story

This work is part of a series, called Healing Plants for Hurt landscapes. Together with local residents in a neighborhood in the city of Leeuwarden, Laurence Aëgerter reconstructed a medicinal garden. The participants of the project were then asked to ‘cure’ photos of war-torn and disaster stricken landscapes, for example the picture of a destroyed in church in Normandy, with the herbs from their garden. Aëgerter didn’t meddle in on how the plants should be placed on the photo. Nevertheless, the image has become very esthetic and the landscape really seems to be cured.