CO2 - Paris

Marijn Bax

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Seelevel Gallery

Bethanienstraat 39
1012 BZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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The story

Marijn Bax - CO2 - Paris

The series Hence I cover (me) again and again is the beginning of an ongoing investigation into how human beings, and especially urban citizens, relate to nature.The main focus of Marijn Bax is on how an environment - which consists of buildings, cars, traffic jams, offices, computers, smartphones, social media, etc. - is affecting our perception of nature. With photography as an observing medium, she explores a new reality of the urban nature as we experience it in our daily life.

The behaviour of people, linked to a particular environment or situation, is a common theme in the work of Bax. Our environment creates who we are and will be and how we position ourselves within it. In the course of this investigation thus arose the counter-question: how do we position ourselves as urban citizens in ‘wild’ nature? Can we still experience, smell or feel it? Or do we mainly protect ourselves against the nature? Are we not all veiled in these Western cities in a certain sense?

The presentation and the use of materials are part of the research and work.

Editions: 7 + 2 AP

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All art: Photography
Artist: Marijn Bax (1981)
Medium: Paper
Technique: Baryta paper on mdf
Date: 2015
Period: Early 21st Century
Movement & Style: Contemporary
Height: 60 cm
Width: 45 cm
Condition: Excellent