Ola Lanko

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Seelevel Gallery

Bethanienstraat 39
1012 BZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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The story

Mountain is a photograph of a three-dimensional collage comprising  hundreds of photographs of depicted landscapes from all over the world. The installation is an assemblage created from images made by different people which are accessible on the internet for all sorts of reasons.

Already with its invention photography became a handy tool to fulfill peoples desires to keep the memory about visited places. The photograph became a kind of a souvenir that can be taken home from adventures and travels. Through time little has changed in peoples desires. The only thing that has changed is that the amount of images has risen enormously and more places then ever have been appropriated through photography. Today it is possible to talk about a virtual copy of the world composed from numerous images that is constantly growing and making the model more and more complete.  

Edition: 5 + 2 AP

"It's a new kind of image that shows modern developments in the visual culture"

Carolien O’Breen – owner of Seelevel – explains you why this piece is so special and therefore in her collection.

“I honestly think this piece is a true visual spectacle, there is so much to see and to discover. Mountain is not only a wonderful artwork, but also a new kind of image that shows modern developments in the visual culture. It is a stunning visual example of a collective created and cultivated world. In January, this work is shown during the exhibition Quick Scan in the Rotterdams Fotomuseum. The exhibition showcases the latest and newest trends in photography.”

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All art: Photography
Artist: Ola Lanko (1985)
Medium: C-print
Technique: C-print on fine art paper
Date: 2015
Period: Early 21st Century
Movement & Style: Contemporary
Height: 116 cm
Width: 150 cm
Condition: Excellent