Dutch Chandelier, ca. 1800

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A one-tiered brass chandelier with six scrolled branches arranged around a central stem. The central part consisting of two separate shapes: a “mushroom” on the upper, and a globe with pendent on the lower part. In between the knot from which the branches emerge.
At the top, above the mushroom, is the ring from which to hang the chandelier. The rather tall candle sockets are mounted on dish shaped candle rings devoid of any decoration.

During the 17th century the Dutch and Flemish developed a new type of brass chandelier: a richly decorated stem ending in a globe shape with scrolled branches arranged in one and sometimes two tiers around the stem.
This type of chandelier is frequently depicted in 17th century paintings, so one gets the impression they were quite a common feature in the houses of the Low Lands.

However, research of household inventories proved this not to be the case. Most probably these richly decorated chandeliers were only to be found in the houses of the very wealthy.
Because of the reflection of the light on the profuse shapes of the stem, these chandeliers must have been one of the most desirable items in 17th century households, as indeed they are today.

C. Willemijn Fock, red. Het Nederlands interieur in beeld 1600-1900, Zwolle 2001. Peter Thornton, Authentic Decor, The Domestic Interior 1620-1920, London 2000.

By Kollenburg Antiquairs
€ 6.000 - € 12.000


All Furniture: Lighting
Period: Early 19th Century
Date of manufacture: Ca. 1800
Place of Origin: The Netherlands
Material: Brass
Diameter: 65 cm
Price: € 7000
Height: 62 cm
Condition: Excellent

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